Dangers of Faulty Wiring Explained by Electrician

You may not know it’s there, but one bad wire can cause serious, catastrophic damage to your home. If you have recently purchased a home, are thinking about buying a home or live in a home you are not quite convinced was built to current building codes, it is a wise idea to have a home inspection. This can tell you a lot about the things you can’t see. If you suspect the wiring is an issue, it only takes a phone call. Have an electrician perform a safety inspection to identify any potential problems or hazards. The team at Elcon Electric has the right person for the job.

Many homeowners don’t even truly realize just how dangerous that outlet is that doesn’t work all the time or what flickering lights can mean. These are key indicators of a more serious problem. An electrician in Florida can pull off the housing for the light or remove the outlet to inspect behind it. In many cases, it is a wire that is loose and not always connecting. While this may not seem like a big deal, it is. The electricity flowing through that wire has to go somewhere. If it isn’t going to the outlet or the light, it is arcing and can ignite insulation or the other wires. It is a very dangerous combination.

If you would like to get a better idea about the quality of electrical work in your home, call for a home inspection. The inspection completed by an electrician will cost less and will focus on the electrical wiring. This gives you instant results that you can quickly act on. You will be informed about minor and major hazards. Don’t worry about your home’s wiring another day. Give Elcon Electric a call today and schedule your inspection.