Building a Laundry Room with Electrician in South Florida

If your home has a laundry room in the garage, it may be your dream of enclosing the room inside the home. It tends to stay cooler in the house and makes doing laundry a little easier. For busy parents with young children in the home, it also allows you to keep a close eye on the kids and stay within hearing distance when you can be inside the house when switching out loads. If a laundry room remodel or building a new one attached to the house is on your list of things to do, you will need the services of an electrician in south Florida like those at Elcon Electric.

There are many reasons to bring the laundry facilities indoors, but one that may appeal most to you is the value it brings to the home. This is a big deal for your future because you are making an investment. If you already have a small room that is ready for the renovation, a Florida electrician can get right to work installing the 240-volt outlet you will need to run the washer and dryer. If your home didn’t previously have one of these outlets, a quick check of your electric panel will be needed. The high-powered outlet will need its own breaker. If one isn’t available, it is a straightforward fix.

If you are unsure of whether your electric panel has the available space for a dedicated breaker, don’t worry about it. This is best left to an experienced electrician to investigate and determine the safest course of action. Once everything is checked out and the installation can begin, you will be glad you made the decision. Don’t delay another day. Give Elcon Electric a call and see what needs to happen to bring your laundry facilities inside.