7 Warning Signs of Electrical Problems by Florida Electrician

We have all been trained from an early age that electricity can be extremely dangerous. It is dangerous when not correctly managed, but perfectly safe the majority of the time. We are so accustomed to using and being around electricity, we often don’t even realize it is anything dangerous. We plug something in, our appliance works. It is as simple as that and we never give it another thought. Unfortunately, there are times when electrical problems go unnoticed. They go unnoticed and can become serious, life-threatening problems explains an electrician in Florida. The team at Elcon Electric wants you to be aware of the subtle warning signs so you can be as safe as possible.

1. Any burning smell coming from a wall, outlet or while an appliance is in use is a serious warning sign. Turn off the breaker and call an electrician right away.
2. If an outlet suddenly stops working or only works on occasion, you have a problem explains a Florida electrician. There is likely a loose wire that needs to be addressed right away.
3. Lights that flicker for no apparent reason are another indicator of faulty wiring.
4. If a breaker trips at random, there is a chance it is weak or it is cutting off power because there is a problem in the wiring between the breaker and the outlet.
5. Black marks on the wall behind an outlet are definite signs of trouble. Shut off the breaker and call an electrician in Southern Florida.
6. If a switch is hot to the touch, turn it off.
7. If you get a shock when plugging things in or unplugging an appliance, there is likely some kind of short to the outlet. Avoid using the outlet until it can be inspected.

These are seven warning signs that deserve some attention from a professional. If you suspect you have an issue, give Elcon Electric a call today.