What Is A Sub Panel Used For?

All You Need To Know About A Sub Panel

sub panel upgraded Are you an electricity enthusiast who likes to fix electric items in your home or a budding electrical contractor that is wondering what a sub-panel is? Then you are in the right place! In this article, you will learn about the types of electrical panels, what a sub-panel is, its importance, and its usage in a home.

4 Types of Electrical Panel

  1. The Main Breaker Panel
    This is the electrical panel that controls the electricity distributed in the house. It distributes to specific areas, protects the circuits, and identifies the amperage capacity. It also houses the circuit breaker that can help shut off all power from the house during an emergency and electrical repairs.
  2. The Main Lug Panel
    This is almost similar to the main breaker panel, but it has no main breaker. It runs through a lug, which is a kind of electrical connector. It can also serve as a subpanel.
  3. The subpanel
    A subpanel is a simple term for a smaller circuit breaker that distributes electricity to a particular area of the home or space. It receives power current from the main circuit breaker of the house and distributes it to the specific area of the home that it is targeting. It can also be called a satellite circuit breaker.
  4. The Transfer Switches
    This type of panel helps transfer generator power into electrical power. They are used during unpredictable weather and electricity conditions. It is usually wired like the main breaker panel to provide power to every part of the house. It can either be manual or automatic depending on size, capacity and preferences.

3 Uses of a Subpanel

  1. For Ease
    A subpanel is necessary for a home that uses lots of electronics and has extra rooms. The subpanel helps to reduce the load on the main panel and prevent it from tripping when some electronics are loaded on the power current. Also, it helps in preventing multiple trips to the main panel during repairs and maintenance.
  2. For Efficiency
    It is important to have varying sub-panel breakers in specific areas to power your various electronics. This will help to easily identify repairs and prevent the main house power from being affected.
  3. For Space
    You will need a subpanel if there are additions of rooms or heavy electrical appliances to the property. Installing a subpanel helps the fresh additions have a separate circuit breaker from the main panel because the subpanel receives power current from the main panel, not the utility company.

2 Ways To Choosing the Right Subpanel Size

  1. The Required Amperage
    You need to know the amount of amperage your house needs and check the capacity of the sub-panel size you want to install. If the subpanel cannot power the required amps of current, then the purpose of the subpanel is defeated.
  2. The Demand on the Main Panel
    It was mentioned earlier that the main panel powers the sub-panel. Therefore, avoid overloading the main panel by getting the right subpanel size to power the electronics. This is why you need to seek the advice of a licensed electrician and not do it yourself.

It is advisable to get your electrical works done by an electrical contractor near you, especially if it has to do with circuit breakers and electrical panels. We hope you find this helpful. Do not forget to call one of our licensed electricians near you.