Professional Electrical Panel Replacement

panel replacement When your electrical panel serves you so well, it’s easy to forget it’s not an invincible system. There might come a time when a panel replacement will become necessary, and it’s important to use a professional electrical contractor.

Signs you may need an electrical panel replacement

  • Repeatedly tripping or failing circuit breakers

A functional circuit breaker can protect your system from overloading and short circuits. It does this by tripping occasionally when an overload is identified and a simple rest can have your circuit breaker working fine in no time. However, when you have to reset the breaker more than twice a week, it may indicate a problem. On the other hand, a breaker that cannot trip during an overload is also bad news.

  • Warm electrical panel

If you are a homeowner, that’s familiar with the electrical panel, it will be easy to notice any temperature change. Signs of overheating like a warm/hot electrical panel, burnt smells, black spots, and so on are signs you need a replacement.

  • Outdated electrical panel

Old homes of over 25 years old can often have an outdated panel. This is because most systems used decades ago have been found unsafe and insufficient for modern home needs. Old or outdated electrical panels need to be replaced for safety and efficiency.

  • Lights dim or flash

This sign shows that your circuits are overloaded and unable to provide the right amount of power you need. Lights can dim or flash when you turn on a new appliance.

Other signs you may need an electrical panel replacement are using an abundance of power strips or extension cords and faulty wiring.

The electrical panel replacement process

There’s no DIYing this project as it requires expertise, license, and permits. The general steps involved are;

  • First, turn off the power to your home for a safe working environment.
  • The electrical contractor will label wires before removing any breakers. Labeling the connection helps the electrician during re-installation.
  • Old breakers will be removed to create room for new ones.
  • The main breaker box will be removed as well.
  • Your electrical contractor will prepare the new panel by reattaching wires to the new breakers.
  • The system will be completely installed and tested.

The process can get dangerous for anyone without electrical experience. So it’s always best to leave it to the professionals.

You can choose a professional electrician by asking others for a recommendation near you. Check that the electrician has a good reputation, is licensed and insured, and can answer your questions correctly.

Get clarity on everything involved before signing the contract for the electrical panel replacement and paying.

You can also avoid the stressful search for a professional contractor by reaching out to us right here for our experienced and certified pros.