Bathroom Lighting Ideas by West Palm Beach Electrician

electriccon_3Your bathroom is probably not the main focus in your home. It serves a purpose and it isn’t typically the first room you think about when it is time to update or remodel. However, it can be fun to change it up with new décor and maybe even new fixtures. Another option you have to give your bathroom a whole new look is fairly simple and inexpensive—lighting. Your electrician in West Palm Beach has a few ideas for your bathroom lighting that are sure to appeal to you while saving you money on your electric bill. At Elcon Electric, you will find a professional team ready to help you make your bathroom lighting renovation a possibility.

Cabinet Lighting

When you have those late night bathroom visits, it can be annoying and hard on the eyes to flip on a light. A West Palm Beach electrician can install lights around the bottom of the bathroom cabinet. The glowing lights will provide enough light for you to see, without being overwhelming. The lights will be partially shaded by the overhang of the cupboard or vanity so it won’t blind you when you walk in.

Toilet Lighting

If you haven’t seen or heard about flexible LED light strips, you will want to talk with your electrician. West Palm Beach residents can have some pretty fantastic lighting schemes with these handy lights. The strips can be placed almost anywhere, including around the base of the toilet, vanity or around the sink area. A couple of lights is all you need to properly light up the bathroom. LEDs are very energy efficient and last for years so you could leave an LED strip on as a nightlight without worrying about running up the electric bill.

Give Elcon Electric a call today and learn about the unique ways you can light up your bathroom.