Are Electric Vehicles Here to Stay?

Electric vehicles commonly called EV are a rising trend for drivers all over the world. More and more people are using these cars and contributing positively to the environment. The question of if electric vehicles are here to stay has been asked more frequently since its introduction. The answer depends on how consumers can adapt to range anxiety, how home systems can handle the charging requirement, and how power utility companies can accommodate the growing number of electric vehicles.

Facilities to ensure the staying power of this trend are being put in place. For example, the high number of charging stations installed in homes and on routes.

Charging stations

If you own an electric vehicle the best option is to install a charger in your home. This works for residential owners but not tenants under rented property. To do this, you would need a professional electrician. The electrician will check the home’s wiring and the capacity of your panel for this installation. They would also help you install the right outlets for the device.

While home chargers are a big deal for electric vehicle owners, they might not be sufficient. This brings in the problem of electric vehicle range. This range describes how far the electric car can be driven by the battery power it contains. Short distance drivers may rely solely on home chargers but long-distance drivers have more to worry about. They require public charging stations along their routes to reach their destination.

Thankfully, there are several public charging stations for long distance drivers. Some are available in the workplace. This wide distribution is aimed at making electric vehicles a choice for everyone.


Some electric vehicles are expensive but after some time on the market, these cars were made affordable for drivers. Almost anyone can own an electric car with substantial funds. It is now a common choice among students. Tesla is an electric vehicle, but it is expensive. Every electric vehicle has unique designs and functions. Tesla is a sleek car with special features. It is also a thriving brand.

Some people believe that this new trend of electric cars will die out and here is why.

  • Lithium and other rare earth metals will run out
    Lithium along with other rare-minerals are used in the manufacture of electric cars. They are gotten from the ground in free form or combined with other materials. Critics of the EV evolution taunt that these minerals will run out and put an end to the manufacturing of these cars.
  • Power grid limitation
    In current times, fewer people have electric vehicles and this is barely any stress to the power grid. However, what happens when everyone or 80% of the population use electric cars? Some believe the power grid will be under pressure.
  • Electric vehicles are no doubt a great addition to the environment. They are capable of covering large distances and saving the driver from expenses. If you choose to get one, be sure to hire an electrical contractor to install a charger in the home.