Should I Upgrade my Electrical Panel to 200 Amps?

The electrical panel is the primary source of power or electricity in the home. It is designed to distribute electricity according to its capacity. In the past, most houses made use of a 60 amp electrical panel. This is because their electrical requirements were less and they had smaller services. Not long after, most homeowners upgraded to 100 amps to accommodate their use of more power demanding equipment. And by the ’80s 200 amps were the standard for houses.

Despite the introduction of 200 amps, there are several houses that continue to use a 100 amp electrical panel. They are able to use a few demanding appliances and equipment. Most electricians advise homeowners to upgrade the 100 amps to 200 amps. If you are still skeptical about the moving forward with the upgrade, here are some reasons why upgrading your electrical panel is a good idea.

Increased circuits
Fewer circuits mean using a limited number of appliances. A 200 amp panel is physically larger than a 100 amp panel, and this greatly reduces the chance of overloading the circuits. It allows you to use more appliances, especially those that demand an unusual amount of power. A 200 amp panel can handle any electrical service efficiently, giving you a safe and reliable system.

Effective Electrical Flow
200 amps panel gives your home more electricity from the city’s power grid. Regardless, of if you use large appliances or not, the optimum electrical power available will help all electrical equipment in the home to function efficiently and last longer. It provides what is needed for your home to be highly functional.

Old homes
An electrical panel box has a lifespan of more than 20 years. However, due to the manner of use, they can wear out faster. In older homes, it is important to always consider upgrading your electrical system. Not only is this necessary to help you make the needed repairs and replacements, but it is also vital to know the electrical panel’s capacity. 200 amps panel is the standard for homes to guarantee efficiency, safety, and reliability. You have to consider upgrading from the 100 amp in an old home to a 200 amp.

Value of a home
A 200 amp panel is more suited to accommodate the use of a water heater, hot tub or pool, tools such as a drill, saws, and much more. Any potential buyer would find such qualities in a home attractive and a good reason to pay a substantial amount for the home. Property managers or investors would greatly benefit from upgrading electrical panels in houses to a 200 amp panel.

Electric cars
The use of electric cars is more common than ever in recent times. The main feature of these vehicles is that they require electric power via charging. In a home with 100 amps panel, this could place pressure on the circuits and run the risks of overloading, especially when used alongside other devices like a dryer or stove. A 200 amp service is the ideal option for a house where an electric car is owned.