Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits

electrical circuit In order to properly troubleshoot electrical circuits, it’s important to understand basic electricity. This will not only give you a new invaluable skill but also will allow you to perform the work safely.

In order to help people better understand electrical currents, it can be compared to the current of water. It’s easier to understand something you can see versus something that is not visible.

Water flows from a higher ground to a lower ground, the same way electricity goes from higher to lower potential. Electricity is measured in voltage and to compare voltage to water, it would be much like the water pressure.

The water flow is increased by the water pressure, as is the electricity with its voltage. It’s important to understand right now that voltage and current in electricity are not the same things. When electricity has a higher voltage, that means more current will be supplied through a circuit.

Take, for example, a water tank that has a limited amount of pressure. There is a small pipe attached to it that limits the amount of water that can flow through it. If you were to increase the pipe size, more water would be allowed through. You could also increase the water flow by increasing the pressure. With this example, the water tank would be a battery and the pipe would be a wire.

When you are troubleshooting a circuit, knowing how the electricity flows can save you time. Many issues with electrical circuits can be fixed by simply looking for any broken or loose electrical connections, fuses blown, or connectors that are melted. Be sure to inspect each aspect thoroughly. Make sure the power is off when you are inspecting these elements. If you can’t find the issue while the power is off, try turning the power on and following the path again – not touching anything that may cause a shock.

If you still cannot find a source to the problem, it might be time to call a professional electrician to help out. Working with your electrical system can be very dangerous unless you know what you’re doing. Contact a professional electrician and they will be happy to help you out with any electrical issues you may be experiencing.

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