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Preparing for Summer With Outdoor Ceiling Fan by West Palm Beach Electrician

It won’t be long before the sweltering heat drives us right back inside after a chilly winter when we longed to be outside in the summer sun. Life is funny like that. If you are excited for another warm summer spent under the sun and at the beach, but not all that excited for those […]

Dimmer Switch Installation by West Palm Beach Electrician

There is a time and a place and a setting for every occasion in the home. We appreciate flexibility and the freedom to choose what we want, when we want it. Lighting is no different. You need the ability to shed as little or as much light as you need in a room at any […]

Be Ready for Power Outages says West Palm Beach Electrician

Power outages can strike without rhyme or reason. You can blame it on Mother Nature, human error or a critter getting into some trouble. Whatever the reason, the result is the same—you have to figure out how to function and go about your normal activities without electricity. That isn’t easy when we have become a […]