Installing USB Outlets

install usb outlet USB devices are already a part of our lives. Whether it is a phone or a laptop or whatever kind of device, you are most likely using a USB device. While this is enjoyable, charging these devices is another matter entirely. It could be the bulky adapters you have carry about with you to charge these devices that is an inconvenience.

It could also be the matter of these chargers not charging your devices fast enough. You might also have other inconveniences like leaving the adapter at work or a friend’s place, but no matter the inconvenience, we need a solution to charging these devices. And this is where USB outlets come in.

A USB outlet is a receptacle in the wall that serves the basic purpose of supplying power to or charging your devices. These outlets make life easier for USB device users everywhere. They are more versatile and can be used with any kind of device regardless of the brand. They also eliminate the need for adapters in any form and free up the classic two or three-prong outlet for other uses.

In doing this they eliminate the possibility of misplaced adapters.  USB outlets are also fast-charging outlets. They make charging your devices ultra-fast and your devices are left full in less time than if you used an adapter. Besides all these, USB outlets make your charging area look less cluttered, after all, the bulky adapters are gone.

Installing a USB outlet

After learning of all the benefits of a USB outlet, you are possibly considering installing one in your home. Well, as with all electrical jobs, it is best left for a professional to take care of. So a licensed professional is your best bet for installing a USB outlet. You can contact us at Elcon Electric for your installation work. We will get a professional job done in record time.

If you decide to do this installation yourself, the very first step is to turn off the power in your home. You could also just turn off the circuit breaker of the outlet you are working on. Then go ahead and make sure that there is no power in the outlet with a multimeter or tester. After making sure there is no power in the outlet, you can remove the exterior plate on the outlet.

Using the appropriate screwdriver you can then remove the screws holding the outlet to the box in the wall. Take note of the neutral, hot and ground wire connections before removing them. After this is done, connect the wires to the new USB outlet you just bought. Attach this new outlet to the wall using the screws and cover it back up. This “do it yourself (DIY)” installation should not take more than twenty (20) minutes. If you do find it difficult, contact us at Elcon Electric and let us do the job for you.