Surge Protectors Save Thousands Explains Electrician in West Palm Beach

Surge protectors are not limited to those small power strips you plug your computer and various accessories into. Sure they make it convenient to change one outlet into 6, but you may not know they are actually designed to prevent an electrical surge from damaging your sensitive electronics. At Elcon Electric, we know this line of defense may not be enough. You need more and your electrician in West Palm Beach can help you protect all of your electrical equipment without trying to plug every thin into a surge protector.

Whole home surge protectors are placed on the outside of the home at the point where electricity comes into the home. Lightning is often blamed for power surges, but you may be surprised to know there are surges in electricity are more commonly caused by appliances in the home. When your air conditioner kicks on or your freezer goes into defrost, the appliances require electricity and it must come from somewhere. These little fluctuations in power can damage your sensitive electronics and you will not even know it is happening. When the lights dim for a second, it is a good idea there was a power surge.

In order to protect your home from outside elements like lightning and inside power surges, a whole home power surge protector should be installed by an electrician. West Palm Beach residents will be surprised to hear, that in 2008, insurance companies report $1 billion in loss from power surges claim. While lightning is by far the most damaging, those other ones do add up. By investing in a surge protector today, you could ultimately save yourself thousands of dollars in replacement costs. If you would like to learn more about these surge protectors and what they can do for you, give Elcon Electric a call today.