West Palm Beach Electrician Expertise on Surge Protectors

If you live in an area where tropical storms hit suddenly, then you’re well aware that extreme weather can cause sudden power surges. In fact, it is not uncommon for the electricity to go out several times in one day in the West Palm Beach area. These power outages can cause irreversible damage to common household items such as your televisions, computers, microwave or other electronic devices.

Did you know that Florida has more lightning strikes per square mile than any other state in the US? West Palm Beach electricians know that this makes electrical equipment very susceptible.  The damage is not caused by lightening striking a home or building directly.  What happens is that lightening strikes nearby, and then the high volts travel to your building through the cable, phone and electric lines.  What keeps you safe is surge protection.

Only regular surge protection is needed in homes that do not have power surges very often. But when you live in West Palm Beach electrician experts know that whole-house surge protection is the safest action for defense.  Whole-house surge protectors can safeguard your home from electrical current up to 40,000 amps. When there is a sudden power surge caused by power line damage or lightening, whole house surge protection securely directs any excess current into the grounding wire.

Elcon Electric also suggests that you have power strips for all electrical devices for some small added protection.  A power strip can be found at most electronic or hardware stores. In addition, it is advised that you have a licensed electrician install your whole house surge protector. Proper grounding is important, and incorrect grounding of a surge protector can be damaging to electronics and quite dangerous if a power surge occurs. An expert electrician in West Palm Beach, Elcon Electric, can assist you if you have other questions or concerns.