Stay Cool this Summer Says West Palm Beach Electrician

elcon_06_3The heat is what many people in southern Florida love, but it can be a little much at times. The constant heat and humidity can be overwhelming and some days, hot is hot and you just need a break. Staying home in your air conditioned house is a luxury, but that luxury will cost you. The price of the electricity it takes to keep the air conditioner running all the time during heat waves can be extremely costly. Fortunately, there are ways to help keep things a little cooler without costing you a small fortune according to your electrician in West Palm Beach. The team at Elcon Electric knows the heat can be miserable and has some tips to help keep you cool this summer.

1-Window tint is a nice addition to windows, especially those that are in direct sun for a good part of the day. This is one way to still allow natural light into the room, but it is filtered and won’t heat the place up.

2-Run your ceiling fans to keep the air moving. If you don’t have a ceiling fan in your bedroom, hire an electrician. West Palm Beach homeowners will sleep better with the gentle breeze wafting over them while they sleep.

3-Keep your appliance usage like the stove, dryer and even the dishwasher limited during the heat of the day. Each of these things produces some heat.

4-Keep the curtains and blinds closed during the day to block the sun. Sun-blocking curtains are a wise investment explains a West Palm Beach electrician.

5-Don’t open the windows to get fresh air in the house during the day. The air outside is hotter and is only go to heat up the inside of the house. Wait until the evening hours to get that fresh breeze.

These tips can help keep your home 10 degrees cooler or more. Stay cool this summer and feel free to give Elcon Electric a call if you need a new ceiling fan installed.