Outdoor Electric Safety by West Palm Beach Electrician

Techician looking over a gas furnace with a flashlight before cleaning it.

Summer time drives people outdoors. It is a time to hang out by the pool, take care of those little projects around the house and simply enjoy being in the fresh outdoor air. No matter how much we love being outside, communing with nature, we are still tethered to our electrical world. We take our phones, laptops and music devices wherever we go. Most of those items need electricity. Our swimming pools need electricity to stay clean. Our tools need electricity to run. In this electrical world, your electrician in West Palm Beach wants you to be safe. The team at Elcon Electric has a staff ready to answer any electrical questions you may have.

1. Keep all power cords and charging stations at least 10 feet from the pool area. You don’t want to risk a splash of water causing a short.
2. If you are using power tools, use an extension cord that is no longer than 100 feet. The extension cord should be designed for outdoor use. Never use your power tools near power lines or any electrical wiring in general.
3. Have your pool inspected by a West Palm Beach electrician before you jump in for the first time. This will identify any electrocution hazards.
4. Only plug electronics into GFCI outlets when your are outside. If your home doesn’t have these available, have them installed by an electrician. West Palm Beach homeowners will appreciate the safety of the outlets that cut power to a device the very second the circuit is interrupted. This can prevent accidental electrocution.
5. Remind the kids electricity and water don’t mix. Leave the electronic gadgets inside and have them simply appreciate the outdoors.

If you need new outlets installed or would like your outdoor area inspected for electrical hazards, give Elcon Electric a call today.