Is It Possible to Replace an Existing Light with a Ceiling Fan?

ceiling fan with blades that look like leaves You might be curious to know if it’s possible to replace an existing light with a ceiling fan. And the answer is, yes, it is possible as long as you have the knowledge and expertise to do so.

There are steps to take and would require the expertise of a professional electrician to do the replacement. However, you can do it yourself if you are very handy with electrical tools or you’ve fixed something similar in the past.

Why You Can Replace A Light Fixture With A Ceiling Fan

  1. To save roofing space. When you add a ceiling fan or replace an existing light with a ceiling fan, you can make room for other roofing fixtures. They share the same space without occupying unnecessary roofing space.
  2. It saves cost: You don’t need to get extra wires and switches when installing the ceiling fan. You can simply just use the same materials used for the lighting.
  3. It saves time and energy: This can help reduce the light charge on your electric bill as it is possible to install the ceiling fan using the same output.

4 Easy Steps To Replace An Existing Lighting With A Ceiling Fan

These are simple procedures you can follow if you can make electrical repairs with no hassle. However, getting the help of a professional electrician makes the work neater, faster, and risk-free for you.

  1. Keep the necessary materials and tools close by.

First, you would need to source and buy the materials. Materials you’ll need include a fan with a mounting kit, a support brace, a wall control switch, wires, and nails. You’ll also need tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, circuit testers, wire strippers, and others.

  1. Remove the light fixture

After getting the tools and materials, go ahead remove the existing lighting. Before removing the existing lighting, ensure that you switch the electricity from the panel and use a circuit tester to avoid electrocution from electrical surges. Also, ensure you use a sturdy ladder or climber that can carry your weight and the fan. It is also advisable you have an assistant to support you.

  1. Install the ceiling fan 

Now, you can install the ceiling fan in the spot where you removed the lighting. First, install a support brace, followed by the fan mounting bracket, connect the fan motor wiring and attach the fan blades. If you encounter any challenges, you can check the fan manual for instructions on installation.

  1. Install the wall control switch

Install the ceiling fan control switch. It is also possible to attach the removed lighting on the ceiling fan, making it a 2-1 fixture. Then you can keep the light switch and mount the ceiling fan control switch right beside it. Then test if it works by switching on the electricity from the panel.

If you can’t do this replacement by yourself, don’t hesitate to contact a professional electrician near you. Elcon Electric is here to help whether you need a ceiling fan replacement or a whole house rewire!