Fan Installation Articles

Mildew In The Bathroom? Install An Exhaust Fan

Mildew is disgusting, especially when it is in the bathroom. It has a distinctive unpleasant smell that reeks of uncleanliness. It is usually found in damp areas, caused by moisture and leads to fungi infestation which may be dangerous to human health. One of the reasons you may have mildew in your bathroom is because […]

Can I Install a Ceiling Fan Outdoors?

Installing an indoor fan outdoors may not turn out as great as you anticipate. The indoor fan is not designed for moisture, and if moisture does reach its motor, the fixture may go bad quickly. Here are a few other things that could go wrong when you install an indoor fan outdoors: Rusting Your fan’s […]

Home Ceiling Fan Installation

Installing a ceiling fan in your home can add a lot of value in various different ways. Not only can it create a cooling effect in your rooms, but it can also help you save money on energy bills as well as bump up the value of your home. In the summertime, a ceiling fan […]