How to Install a Difficult Chandelier?

There is no denying that one of the most attractive lighting options is a chandelier. They are large and beautiful enough to transform both lighting and the interior décor of any space.

Installing a chandelier can be tough or easy depending on how much experience you have with lighting fixtures. Read on to see all the steps involved in installing a difficult chandelier.

  • Get it done yourself
  1. Choose a chandelier that truly enhances your space or fits your needs. Chandeliers come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. These features can also affect the difficulty of the installation if you are going DIY.
  2. Check the manufacturer instructions and read everything to guide your installation process.
  3. Switch off the wall power switch and go further to turn off the power at the breaker box. This helps to ensure safety and prevent accidents due to shock or electrical fire while you work.
  4. You will need strong, existing ceiling support, especially depending on the size and weight of your chandelier light.
  5. Unscrew the canopy in the ceiling where the chandelier will be installed.
  6. Free up the wiring in the canopy and check with a voltage meter for any hot wire. Remember that during any electrical work, safety is vital. The wires in the canopy should be three distinct wires – white, black, and copper.
  7. Install a mounting bar on the electrical box with screws. The mounting bar will be a major part of the support for your chandelier. You can tuck the wires in and secure the canopy briefly at this point.
  8. Considering the type of chandelier light, measure the chain or hanging system present from the canopy.
  9. Test hang the chandelier to help you measure the length of wire you need. After measuring, include at least an excess of 1ft on the wire.
  10. Guide the wire through the hanging system of the chandelier and to the canopy. If your chandelier is large and heavy, you will need the help of a friend to hold it while you work and connect the wiring. If it’s not so heavy, then you can get by on your own.
  11. Remove the previously secured canopy and connect the chandelier wires to the junction boxes wire. Make this connection neat and secure. Tuck the wires back into the box after the connection.
  12. Secure the canopy for the last time and install the chandelier light bulbs.
  13. Turn on all the power and your chandelier should be fully installed and functional.
  • Get it done with a professional and licensed electrician.

While trying to install a difficult chandelier yourself has some probability of success, cost savings benefits, and so on, it can also cost you in the long run. A professional electrician is experienced in handling any size, shape, or level of difficulty of a chandelier. Having an electrical technician do the job saves you time, stress, money, and doubt. You have peace of mind knowing that your chandelier was safely and securely installed. Take the time to find the right electrician for the installation.