Fort Lauderdale Electrician – What Causes Electrical Sparks?

Have you ever noticed a small spark whenever plugging something into an electrical outlet? Under most circumstances, this is completely normal and simply caused by the electrons that are moving from your electrical outlet and into the power cord. In other cases, however, a spark like this could result in plug damage or even a fire. Here are a few things that you should know about these sparks, which will help you decide when it is time to call an electrician in Fort Lauderdale to come check it out.

Your home’s electrical system channels electricity through its circuits very quickly. In an ideal situation, the current will flow through each circuit and back to the electrical grid with little to no interruption. Your outlets are your way of accessing the immense amount of electricity that is available in your home’s electrical system. Whenever you plug into an outlet, the electricity flows through one side of the outlet, through your device and then back into the other side of the outlet to rejoin the grid. Most sparks are simply caused by the sudden draw created by your appliance.

In some cases, electricity can cause excessive heat energy, which can cause insulation around your plug to melt away. Whenever this or the wires become exposed, it can lead to an unwanted connection as a result of the exposed wire. This type of short circuit is particularly dangerous because it poses a very significant fire risk. In an ideal situation, any type of short circuit at all will cause your breaker to trip very quickly. This greatly reduces your chances for fire, as it shuts off the flow of electricity to that particular circuit. If something is not working properly, however, this could be delayed or not happen at all.

Your best bet, if you notice frequent sparking, is to call H Electric, your Fort Lauderdale electrician right away. If you notice any damage to your electrical cords, stop using them right away. For more information, or to get in touch, visit this web page.