Electrician Fort Lauderdale – All About Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Most homeowners love and use their indoor ceiling fans all of the time. They increase circulation, reduce our energy bills and improve our comfort level inside our homes. Although they are not as common, outdoor ceiling fans offer many of the same benefits as indoor ceiling fans. Outdoor fans not only create a cooling breeze, but also a downdraft that can help deter many insects. This results in a more comfortable outdoor living area with fewer pests.

Though indoor and outdoor ceiling fans may seem to be exactly alike, there are a few minor differences. Because they must be used outside and are at least partially exposed to the elements, outdoor fans must be able to withstand rain, humidity, cold, sun and wind. Indoor fixtures would rust and deteriorate rather quickly if used outside. To ensure safety and proper function, always have your outdoor ceiling fan installed by an electrician in Fort Lauderdale.

Choosing a Fan

There are literally hundreds of different fan options to choose from. Rather than just a couple bland, basic fans, designers and major brands have put together a wide offering of stylish, functional fans that can fit any atmosphere. Furthermore, many modern fans are equipped with a great set of additional features. You can add lights, remote control and many other options to help improve the functionality of your outdoor ceiling fan.

If you go with a simple, yet functional fan, or something highly decorative, an outdoor ceiling fan can be a benefit to almost any outdoor living space. Any one of our Elcon Electric technicians would be pleased to help you choose and install any outdoor ceiling fan. Give us a call today to get started so that you can enjoy your fan throughout the entire season.