Miami Electrician – Signs Your Home Needs Electrical Maintenance

We have great reminders that tell us when our cars need maintenance. Whether it be the oil change sticker that you have on your window, or the warning light on your dash, you are constantly reminded whenever something might need a little work. How do you know when your house needs a little work? Unfortunately, our home electrical systems do not have these convenient warning lights, telling you when to call an electrician in Miami. As a result, small incidents are commonly overlooked as isolated problems that warrant little to no further inspection. If you are experiencing the following problems, however, it may indicate that your home has a problem that needs attention soon.

  1. Flickering/Blinking light bulbs – Whenever your light bulb is not screwed all the way into its socket, it can cause it to flicker or blink. This can also be a sign that there’s a bad connection in the electrical circuit.
  2. Light bulbs that pop, are too dull or too bright – If you have light bulbs that are brighter or more dull than the other lights in your home, then you have an electrical problem. Call Elcon Electric right away.
  3. Sparking, Buzzing or Cracking Outlets – Although it is normal to have an occasional spark whenever you plug into an outlet, there is probably something wrong if your outlet sparks every time you plug something into it. This also holds true for outlets that buzz or will not hold plugs securely.
  4. Outlets that don’t work – Whenever you have an outlet that won’t work, start by checking the breaker to see if it has been tripped. If not, then you most likely have a broken or loose wire that is breaking the connection.

Although these issues may not seem like a big deal, they can eventually lead to very serious electrical problems when left untreated. If you have any problems like these, or any other questions about your electrical system, call our team at Elcon Electric ( We’ll be happy to lend a hand.

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