Miami Electrician Knows Difference Between a Firefly Light and Light Bulb

So, here I am starting my retirement years in Miami, Florida. Not sure I will be retiring much since I seem to enjoy keeping busy now more than ever, especially when it comes to learning. In fact, I have decided to take on the subject of electricity. Why, you might ask. Because it is one of the few subjects that I have never understood. I put it in the same category as anything having to do with atoms, electrons, photons, etc. They are all more mysterious than how those people got in that little tiny box called a television – that is, when televisions looked like boxes. I finally pinpointed the first barrier to understanding all this. For some reason, there are things out there in the universe that I consider to be bigger that I am, and I am not referring to a higher power. Those things seem to be further up on the food chain, you might say. Maybe if I understand them I will gain a little more electrical power within myself. I need to get some control here so I don’t feel in a daze when I hear the term “electrical current.”

Since I needed a Miami electrician for some landscape lighting and new electrical outlets, it was a perfect time to start my education about electricity. Somewhere out there in cyberspace was the answer to my search – keywords were simple enough, electrician Miami FL. Elcon Electric looked promising as a knowledgeable resource since they have been in the electrical contracting business for over 20 years, and provide electrical services to all of south Florida. There are many electricians in Miami, but this one had a top rated Miami electrician track record. Plus, right off the bat I liked the great customer service over the phone.
Boy, was I lucky? Of all the electricians in Miami, Florida, I got one who knows his stuff. He not only had years of electrical experience, he loved studying the whole concept. I had my mentor! We sure accomplished a lot over the next couple of days. With this Miami electrician’s expertise, my house saw many improvements: new electrical outlets, and electrical panel upgrade, new smoke detectors installed, a whole house surge protector and the bath fans replaced. Outside the house, I had new landscape lights and some great outdoor lighting now surrounding my small, but cozy, patio. My new mentor and residential Miami electrician even found the time to give my neighbors on both sides electrical estimates for electrical work they needed at their homes. They were so impressed that it was quite obvious they would never need to enter the keywords electrician Miami into a search engine again.

Now for the part you are probably wondering about. Do I know more about electricity than I did before? I am pretty sure I can answer that with a resounding YES. Just don’t ask me to explain any of it. The most interesting part was his explanation about the difference between the glow inside a firefly and that of a light bulb. Now, I have even more to research since he added bugs to my realm of learning more about electricity. I thanked him profusely for all his great electrical work, and for taking the time to answer all of my questions.
Because there was more on the electrical agenda for my home in the future, and because I was certain this Miami electrician would be back again soon to do electrical work at the neighbors’ homes, I knew my education was not over. I may not have this electricity thing mastered yet, but I do know one thing for sure. I have gained a whole lot of power over the issue just by meeting the best electrician in Miami. Why would anyone need more control than that?