Electrician Fort Lauderdale – Surge Protection for Your Entire Home?

A transient surge is caused by anything that results in a sudden spike in electrical power that comes surging through your electrical wiring. This can cause any device that is connected to your service panel to short circuit. The most common and most dramatic source of transient power surges is lightning. Lightning does not even have to strike the house itself for the home’s electrical system to be effected. A bolt of lightning could strike a nearby transformer, causing a huge voltage spike to spread throughout the neighborhood, destroying electrical equipment as it goes.

As technology has advanced, nearly every device in our homes has an onboard printed circuit board, which used to be reserved for computers and other advanced devices. The best way to protect all of this delicate equipment in your home is to have an electrician in Fort Lauderdale install a professional whole house surge suppression system. In addition to the protection against catastrophic power surges that a whole house surge protection system offers, it can also help protect you against small power fluctuations, sometimes referred to as dirty power.

Although power fluctuations are more common in rural areas, they can occur anywhere, and are caused by a variety of reasons. In rural areas, they are commonly a result of the long distances between service providers and the communities that they serve. In more urban and suburban areas, these fluctuations can be caused by electrical devices that are operating either on the circuits within your own home, or nearby.

The best way to protect against both catastrophic failure and incremental damage to your electronics and appliances is to install a professional whole house surge suppression system. Call Elcon Electric today to talk about your options and what type of surge protection will work best for you and your family.

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