West Palm Beach Electrician – What Are Dedicated Circuits?

A dedicated circuit is defined by the National Electrical Code as a circuit that serves only a single appliance. This typically refers to freezers, electric ranges, refrigerators, washers, furnaces, dryers, electric water heaters, garbage disposals, dishwashers, microwaves and other large appliances. These appliances are very highly demanding or sensitive in their nature, which requires a special, isolated power source.

In order to keep your home as safe as possible, an electrician in West Palm Beach must install dedicated circuits for all of your medium and heavy duty appliances. Whenever two or more of these large appliances are plugged into the same circuit, it can often result in a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse.  As a basic rule, any appliance that uses a motor should have a dedicated circuit.

Each dedicated circuit has a specific intended use and its own circuit breaker. These circuits can either be special outlets, which are designed for your washer, dryer, stove or refrigerator, or directly wired into an appliance such as your water heater. Either way, the circuits function the same as any other circuit, they are just dedicated to that particular device.

Because your medium and large electrical appliances use such large amounts of electricity, they are naturally at a higher risk for electrical dangers. At any given time, they can be drawing much more electricity than the other devices in your home, which if not properly managed by a safe electrical system, can cause shock, fire or other electrical damage. To help increase your electrical safety, it has become common practice for any West Palm Beach electrician to place these items on their own dedicated circuits.

If you are experiencing frequently blown electrical circuits, tripped breakers or any other issues with your large appliances, contact Elcon Electric (electrician-westpalmbeach.com) so that we can ensure that any appliances in your home are properly placed on appropriately sized dedicated circuits.

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