Electrical Hazards by West Palm Beach Electrician

Your home is supposed to be a place for you to feel safe and comfortable without worrying about an electrical fire. It is hard not to worry when you see it happening nearly every day. Some unsuspecting homeowner loses a home and all of their treasures in the blink of an eye because of an electrical short that had gone undetected. It is only natural you would want to take steps to do everything you could to prevent a similar disaster in your own home. An electrician in West Palm Beach can complete an electrical inspection that helps identify those potential hazards so you have the opportunity to have them fixed before they become serious issues. The team at Elcon Electric is here to assist you in making your home safer.

If you aren’t sure if there are electrical hazards in your home, your West Palm electrician has a few tips on what you can look for.

1. Popping outlets or outlets that have black streaks on the actual cover or shooting up the wall where the outlet is mounted is a concern.
2. A breaker that seems to trip without rhyme or reason could be weak and in need of replacing.
3. Light switches that are hot to the touch could indicate the wires behind the switch are arcing and could be creating a major safety risk.
4. A house that is more than sixty years old may have outdated wiring explains an electrician. West Palm Beach homeowners that have older homes should definitely have an inspection to evaluate the current condition of the wiring. Knob and tube wiring or cloth-insulated wiring can be extremely hazardous.

If you have even the slightest inclination there could be a problem, make the call to Elcon Electric and have an inspection to make sure your home is safe.