Common Electrical Grounding Issues Experienced in South Florida

grounding outlets The last thing you want is to get shocked by the electrical components in your home. Did you know that a shock hazard can lead to a fire or cardiac arrest?

Electrical shocks are mostly caused by grounding issues in the home and are a serious issue that should be evaluated by an electrician in South Florida as soon as they happen.

What is grounding?

Grounding is also known as earthing, and it describes the connection between the ground and an electrical component that discharges current. To achieve this connection, the electrical appliance is connected to the earth-prong on a socket. This socket is connected to the ground and serves to ‘ground’ any appliances plugged into it.

Electrical grounding issues are common in big cities due to the increasing number of houses and demand for power. Some homes that experience grounding issues are old homes while the electrical system of others have been handled by inexperienced technicians.
Common grounding issues

  • Improper grounding or no grounding
    There are several risks associated with an improperly grounded or not-grounded-at-all electrical system.
    First, there is the risk of electric shocks that occur when you touch any objects that contain metal and connected to your home’s electricity. Good examples are water pipes, ductwork, and wires. The electrical shocks are often not enough to cause any damage but in some cases such as when a wet surface is involved, it can lead to cardiac arrest or a fire.
  • Having ground current in the building’s grounding system
    Grounding current in the building’s grounding system can occur due to many reasons; it could be a wiring error in the electrical panel or the neutral and grounding conductor wires are connected or junctioned together. This not only presents a safety hazard but can also cause system hardware failures.

Other grounding issues include additional ground rods, ground loops, insufficient neutral conductor, and so on.

How to fix common electrical grounding issues in South Florida

Grounding issues typically occur in old homes that have not been rewired up to recent codes. If you notice your home has two-pronged outlets and is an old home, there may be no grounding in place. Two-pronged outlets have to be changed to the standard three-pronged outlets to make room for grounding.

Only a licensed and experienced electrician should help you ground your home or determine if your home has grounding issues. Electrical grounding is not a DIY project, as it can be dangerous for anyone who lacks experience. You would also need to obtain a permit and get an inspection. To avoid wasting time, money, and effort, it is important to call a professional electrical contractor in South Florida. At Elcon Electric, we always provide quality electrical services that ensure your safety and the efficiency of your electrical system.