10 Reasons Your Delray Beach House May Need To Be Rewired

Photo of a Wire Stripper and Electrical Related ItemsAre you wondering what signs to look out for to know if your Delray Beach house needs rewiring? This article provides the top 10 reasons you might need house rewiring. If you’ve been observing any of the signs in Delray Beach, don’t hesitate to call an Elcon Electric electrician near you to easily fix the rewiring problem.

Why Rewire Your Delray Beach House?

  1. You have aluminum wiring

    Aluminum wiring connections are more dangerous than copper wiring. If you notice that your panel jacket has “AL” in your Delray Beach home, you need to search online for ‘an electrician near me’ or contact a professional electrician at Elcon Electric. The electrician will provide further consultation, then switch the aluminum wiring for a safer option.

  2. You’ve noticed flashing outlets

    Do you notice a spark or a faint light coming out of the sockets as you plug in appliances? When this happens, quickly switch off the light to cut off the electric current. An electric spark is a vital reason to get your Delray Beach house rewired. Contact an electrician to be sure of the cause and what needs to be done.

  3. There is consistent bulb burnout.

    If you’ve been using substandard bulbs, you might experience a regular bulb burnout. However, the burnout may also be because of excess heat in the wiring. Reach out to a nearby electrician to offer a lasting solution to this problem.

  4. Hot Switches and Plugs

    Plugs and switches are supposed to be cold and warm even in long use. However, if your plugs, switches, and cords get too hot, call an electrician to check out your wiring. This kind of rewiring issue happens often in old homes.

  5. Damaged Insulation

    Damaged insulation is a sign your beach house needs to be rewired. This occurs when wires become too heated and break. This breakage can cause a fire because the insulation melts when there is light. It is important to call an electrician to have your wires replaced.

  6. Tripped Circuit Breaker
  7. Circuit breakers help to cut off current from the major source when there is an electrical surge. Frequent tripping caused by power surges can lead to permanent damage to your appliances and gadgets.

  8. Loose Outlets

    Having a loose socket or cable can seem like a minor issue. But if left unfixed for a longer time, it can lead to major avoidable rewiring issues. Contact one of our Delray electricians to replace your loose sockets and cables as soon as you notice them.

  9. Burning Smell

    A whiff of burning wires or sockets is a sign that something is wrong. Reach out to an electrician near you to get it fixed before it leads to a bigger issue, such as a fire outbreak.

  10. Outdated Cables

    Some homes in Delray are over 30 years and require remodeling. If you rented or bought one of such houses, then you need to have a budget for replacing some outdated wires and cables. This is to prevent a fire outbreak or current outage.

  11. Humming sounds.

    Do you notice strange hums and buzz from your wall sockets or electrical outlets? This is a signal that there is an electrical and rewiring issue that needs immediate attention.

Don’t try to fix these electrical issues yourself if you are not a professional electrician. Call Elcon Electric for an inspection. After consultation, the electrician will know which rewiring issues to fix.