Home Rewiring in Sunrise

lots of switches on walls with wires running everywhere If you stay in Sunrise or recently moved here, that’s a good thing considering how great a city Sunrise is. It is at the heart of Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, and Broward, and is the friendliest region for tourists.

If you have a beautiful house, one of your duties is to maintain the property, ensuring that it remains safe and fit for habitation. One way you should do this is by looking out for its wiring and recognizing when your home requires a home rewire.

How to Know Your Home Needs Rewiring

A proper electrical system always leaves signs. Here are some;

  • A persistent burning smell
  • Discolored switches or sockets
  • Blown fuses too often
  • Buzzing sound from switch or socket
  • Electric shocks
  • Dimming or flickering lights
  • Your house is old (above 25 years old)
  • One or more hanging sockets from the walls
  • Two-prong outlets
  • Popping or tripping of circuit breakers

These issues may seem minor, but if they happen too often, or you notice more than once, then your home may need rewiring.

Reasons to Rewire Your Home

  1. Safety

Electricity is useful but can be dangerous if used wrongly. When wires are without insulation, they can cause shock and even fires. Lack of insulation can be due to power fluctuations and overloads which may cause the burning or melting of the wires. Bad wiring can be dangerous for your devices and generally unsafe because your smoke detectors may fail.

  1. Increased Electrical Capacity

Old wiring systems are incapable of handling modern-day appliances, and this could lead to serious damage. Plus there’s the risk of an electrical fire during overloads. A rewiring project will increase the electrical capacity of your home.

  1. Peace of Mind

Electrical problems can cause anxiety, and it is usually best to fix them on time and save yourself the stress. Your home should not be a place of anxiety, it should be a place of rest. This is an important reason for a home rewire.

  1. Protection From Elements

Old wires are usually poorly insulated, which can become dangerous when it gets too hot. However, a new wire is better insulated and you will not have to worry about heat waves.

  1. Improve Home Electrical System

Rewiring your home also means you can install hard-wired smoke alarms, ground fault circuit interrupters, and even carbon monoxide alarms.

Hiring an Electrician 

When you realize you need a home rewiring in Sunrise, it is not advisable to attempt this yourself. It is much safer to hire a Sunrise electrician to carry out the home rewiring for you.

Before getting an electrical contractor, get a permit so you won’t have to undo the work that has begun or completed. It is also important you hire only a licensed electrician.

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