South Florida

Security Lighting for Home or Business by Florida Electrician

Fortunately, summer days are coming and that means more light. Right now, we are dealing with long nights and short days, which means it is tough to do much outside in the evening hours or in the early morning hours. The installation of security lighting outside your home or office can give you the extra […]

Updating the Security Lighting with South Florida Electrician

Business owners have a responsibility to their customers, vendors and employees to make the property as safe as possible. This includes the property being properly lit during business hours. After business hours, it is very important the property has adequate lighting to help keep potential trespassers at bay. A well-lit property is not going to […]

Identifying Electrical Hazards with Florida Electrician

How do you typically identify something that is dangerous around the house? In most cases, there are the obvious signs or you know because you or someone was hurt. We take many precautions in the house and add smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure we know when there is danger present. Unfortunately, […]