Hiring an Electrician During COVID-19

electrician In the not so distant past, you wouldn’t think twice about hiring a local electrician. But now, with the risk of the pandemic, it’s important to consider helpful precautions before inviting anyone into your home. Unlike other home issues, you can hardly ignore your electrical problems. Neither would they go away on their own. Here is a complete guide to hiring an electrician during COVID-19.

  1. Be fully informed beforehand

Since hiring an electrician has been changed by COVID-19, there is a lot you need to know before the electrician can come into your home. On a phone call or message conversation, be sure to determine the following;

  • If you are hiring for the first time in a while

If you don’t already have an electrical company you can call and start with the process below, you will need to find one first. The last thing you want is to hire the wrong electrician and end up having to call yet another technician to fix the problem. This can increase your risk of COVID-19. Search for professional electrical services or contractors in your area.

Ask for the license and insurance qualifications of the electrician you find. Check their reviews to help prove their integrity and capabilities. An electrical company that has served your area for longer is a better choice.

  • What to expect

Start by describing your electrical problem to the electrical technician as clearly as you can. After confirming that they can help solve your problem, the contractor should be able to explain their plans for working safely in your home. Questions like what precautions do the contractor take to work safely in COVID-19 should come up. Others include how do they sanitize equipment? Has the electrician or any member of their team experienced flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days? Is there a contactless payment option? How long will the job in your home take? Where will the electrician work in the home? Do they have the necessary PPEs to protect themselves and others?

With such clarification, you can know what to expect and how to protect your home and family too.

  1. Be ready when the electrician comes

If you’ve taken the right precautions to be informed and hire right beforehand, you still have to apply some measures when the electrician comes.

  • Make observations and ask questions

Try to observe that the technician doesn’t seem sick. If you notice any signs of ill health, do not let the contractor into your home. If any member of your family is sick as well, they should not be in the home when the electrician comes. If anyone in your home is isolating, then the electrical service should be rescheduled until the isolation period is over.

  • Social distancing and hygiene

Maintain social distance from the electrician while they work. Avoid contact like handshakes. Ensure the contractor washes their hands before, during, and after their work. The electrician must wear suitable PPEs. Open the windows or doors to allow ample ventilation in the work area. Payment should be non-contact as well.