Winter Hot Tub Fun Made Possible by Electrician in West Palm Beach

Yes, it is the middle of winter, but Florida is still enjoying some mild temperatures. With the holidays around the corner, you are probably trying to think of that one thing that would make an excellent gift for the whole family. A hot tub is something you may be considering. Sitting outside in a hot tub when the temperatures are nice and cool is quite an adventure. Not to mention, buying a hot tub at the end of the year is an excellent way to get a good deal. If you have already made the plunge, you will need an electrician in West Palm Beach, like those at Elcon Electric, to complete the installation.

Before the installation of your new hot tub can happen, you will need an electrician to come out and do a quick inspection to determine if your current electric panel can handle the hot tub’s electrical needs. You will need to have a 240-volt outlet installed for the hot tub. In some cases, an electric panel upgrade will be necessary. Your electrician will let you know after the inspection.

Once the inspection is done and your hot tub installation is a go, the process will include digging a trench to bury the wiring cable underground. If the hot tub will be on a deck, you will not need to worry about this step. The hot tub will be hard-wired into the new outlet by your electrician. West Palm Beach residents will appreciate the safety this provides. There won’t be any fear of the outlet getting wet or accidentally getting unplugged.

In most cities, a permit is needed to install a hot tub. An inspection of the electrical work will also be conducted. Don’t take the chance of having somebody try and wire the hot tub who isn’t certified and knowledgeable about the electrical codes. Give Elcon Electric a call today and get your new hot tub up and running.