Why is Grounding So Important?

grounding outlets Grounding is a popular term in the electrical industry. If you know a few details about the wiring of your home, then you would know that you have a ground wire installed in all the outlets.

So what is grounding and why is it relevant?

Grounding is the use of an electrical wire called the ground wire to send positive electrical charges or excess electrical charges safely to the ground.

Excess electrical charges happen all the time and they are constantly searching for a place to go. Hence, if you touch an electronic component with excess electric charge, it will transfer that charge to you. As humans this would be harmful and can lead to shock and in fatal cases death. These charges can also spark a fire or flow into an appliance to cause damage.

A ground wire helps to take this positive charge and carry it safely to the negatively charged earth where it is discharged with no risk to lives or property.

Importance of grounding

  • For protection
    As explained above, a ground wire gets rid of the excess charge and saves you from shocks or injury caused by electricity. Without grounding your home’s wiring or electricity will be nothing but a disaster waiting to happen.
  • Protects against overloads and stabilizes voltage levels
    Another great advantage of grounding is that it protects your appliances and wiring from electrical overloads that could damage them. It also stabilizes voltage levels, so the right amount of power is distributed to the right outlets.
  • Grounding uses the best conductor there is
    Excess charges must find a place to go. Human bodies won’t work because those charges would harm humans. Earth is the best conductor for positive charges. It has the least resistance, which is important for electricity.

Who should ground the electrical system in the home?

Grounding is a big project that requires more than simple DIY methods. It is dangerous for a non-electrical personnel to take up. Only a licensed and trained electrician can ground your electrical system.

If you suspect that you have improperly grounded or ungrounded outlets, you can reach out to us at Elcon Electric for an inspection. We can upgrade your wiring to standard and recent codes.

Our professional electricians ensure safety in your home each time we provide a service. We are transparent and provide honest suggestions to improve the efficiency of your electrical system.