What to Cut Back on to Save Electricity

save on electricity bills Your day was going fine until you saw the outrageous energy bill with the highest amount accounted for in electricity. You probably squinted to see it clearly and confirm that you really used all that electric power in a month.

This is what thousands of homeowners and tenants face when the bill comes and it leaves you confused, drained, and potentially low on funds. Thankfully, there is a solution.

Getting less electric bills means cutting back on the power you consume to save. How is this possible? We answer this question below.

The first step is to identify those power-hungry devices you use that take large bites of electricity. You might have smaller appliances that demand less power, but the real saving occurs from cutting down with the big eaters.

A typical home uses an electric heater, air conditioning, lighting, a refrigerator, and a dryer. These are power demanding appliances, so most of the energy-saving tips will revolve around them. Let’s get right to it.

When it’s hot outside
Hot weather means you have to invest in ways to keep your home cool. Hence, the air conditioning works harder than ever. To save on electricity, keep the air conditioning turned off when you are not home or opt for keeping your thermostat at 78 degrees. Use regular fans, wear light clothing indoors, and seal your home properly.

When you are not using power
Unplug everything! When appliances like the TV, laptop, and chargers are not in use, it is best to unplug them. This helps to save more power than you can imagine. Electronic devices are known to draw power even when they are turned off.

When using the refrigerator
Keep the fridge full. This is a great way to reduce the electricity demanded by the refrigerator. A fuller fridge means less air spaces to be refrigerated. Also, remember that leaving the refrigerator open consumes up to 7% of power.

When you take a shower
Use cold water more often. Steaming up the whole bathroom just to enjoy a long hot shower can cost you a lot. Cutting this down has a massive impact on the electricity you save.

When you wash clothes
The dryer consumes lots of electrical energy, but to save you can alter your habits. Start by using low-heat when possible, air drying more often, and remove dry clothes immediately they are all dried.

When you use the lights
Check out dimmer switches to tone the lighting of your room to your preference. Ditch your incandescent bulbs for the new and energy-saving LED lights. Ensure your bulbs are working perfectly.

When you are not so sure
Carry out an energy audit. Your utility company may offer this service for free so be sure to take advantage of it. An audit helps you to identify specific areas you need to cut back on.

Be sure to keep all your appliances in order with routine maintenance from a professional electrician. Your electrician can also be extremely helpful with more suggestions for your energy-saving strategy.