Signs of Faulty Wiring by West Palm Beach Electrician

A fear nearly every homeowner will always have lurking in the back of their minds is the fear of a fire that destroys their home. Accidental fires happen all the time. Being cautious can help prevent those fires, but there is also the risk of a fire starting through no fault of the homeowner. Faulty wiring is a culprit in many house fires. Most of the time, the homeowner has no idea there is a problem. In some cases, there were subtle signs that were overlooked. There are a few signs that will give you a clue there is a problem. If you are unsure and would rather have the situation inspected by an electrician, West Palm Beach homeowners can give Elcon Electric a call to have their home’s wiring inspected for safety.

*Flickering lights is a very good indicator there is a problem with the wiring to the light fixture. This should be addressed right away by a West Palm Beach electrician.

*An outlet that works on occasion, but not all the time is another sign of loose wiring behind the outlet cover.

*If an appliance works in one outlet, but not another, the problem is the outlet and it needs to be inspected.

*If you smell something burning in the house, but can’t find anything, you could have smoldering wires in the walls. With a little heat, it takes very little to spark the insulation surrounding these wires and start a fire.

*Black marks on the outlet or the wall the outlet is on is a key sign you have a serious issue that needs to be immediately addressed by an electrician in West Palm Beach.

If you notice any of these signs, turn the breaker off to the bad outlet or light fixture until it can be properly inspected. Call Elcon Electric today if you suspect you have a wiring issue in your home.