Ways to Save Money on Electric in Miami

save on electricity bills If you are looking for ways to save on the electric bill in Miami, then you are on the right page. The electric bill can be quite expensive but with the right tips, saving can be easier than you think.

Take all the steps or those that suit best to reduce those figures on your next Miami energy bill.

  1. Lower your thermostat down a few degrees during colder weather. This simple tip saves you up to 5% of your total monthly bill per degree lowered.
  2. Place the thermostat fan switch on auto and with the readings at 68 degrees and 65 degrees when you’re away from home. Do the same for cooling, but at 78 degrees when you are home and much higher when you are away. Heating and cooling play a significant part in your electric bills.
  3. Properly maintaining your HVAC unit can help you spend less on power. Clean and replace air filters monthly and make sure your air conditioner is working as efficiently as possible.
  4. Reducing air leaks in the home is also another way to increase efficiency and lower power use. Use weather stripping or caulking to prevent unwanted air leaks and keep your heating and cooling units efficient.
  5. The constant running of your ceiling fan costs up to $7 per month. Don’t leave your ceiling fan running when you are not in the room or at home.
  6. Air dry clothes outside more often to reduce the energy spent by the dryer.
  7. When it comes to lighting always choose LED lights even with holiday lighting. LED lights not only save energy but can last 10 times longer for your use.
  8. If you are decorating for the holiday, connect all the electronic decorations, including lights to a power strip. This makes it easier to turn off the lights at once and save energy.
  9. Switching your normal lighting for CFL or compact fluorescent light. CFL lights save you a significant $50 in energy costs compared to your regular bulbs.
  10. Use cold water in the washing machine instead of hot water. This can save you over $3 a month.
  11. When washing, ensure the water in the washing machine is equal to the load size. This and using a cold rinse more often helps you spend less energy.
  12. Turn off the lights and unplug electrical appliances when they are not in use or when you are leaving the room. Plugged appliances still drain power even when they are turned off.

Know where you stand. It will surprise you to know exactly how much electrical power you consume daily. And sometimes the best tips may not be enough to help you know where to cut down. Call an experienced electrician to inspect your system and give you an audit. The electrician will also be able to advise on areas where you can save on the electric bill in Miami. Using the advice or tips consistently is what makes the difference and helps you cut down on costs.