Virtual Events in Miami

Nowadays everyone prefers to keep their distance. The good news is there’s no shame in that, as we are all aware of the dangers of the pandemic. Several businesses have taken precautions and even now most things are done online than ever before.

But it’s not just businesses that have gone online. Fun has too.

Preventive and protective measures prevent us from enjoying hangouts and exploring the joys around us as before. So should this mean boredom for all of Miami? We think not.

Thankfully, you can now enjoy your city in the modern, post-pandemic way which is through virtual events. There are countless Miami virtual experiences to be had alone or with friends in the comfort of their homes.
Check out some of them now;

Biltmore Hotel Virtual 360 Tour
If you have never been to the Biltmore Hotel or you would love to wander the historic building, you can do it all now on the virtual tour. This virtual event is ongoing from now to December 31st, 2020. Get a 360-degree view of everything from the library to the ballrooms, dazzling pool, and guest areas. Don’t miss all the delights that make the Biltmore Hotel so special.

A Little HOPE From Zoo Miami
Zoo Miami has been temporarily closed following COVID-19, but you still get to see all the cute animals and attractions of the zoo in this Miami virtual event. A Little HOPE From Zoo Miami brings you Hope, the first koala born in the zoo in over 20 years. You get to watch his cutest and tender moments. This virtual event is free and showcases over 3000 animals.

Virtual TopGolf
If you are a golf lover, then this is huge news. You can now play alone or play worldwide on the ongoing virtual event, Virtual TopGolf. It’s on until December 31, 2020.

Veza Sur Virtual Happy Hour
Happy hour is one thing you certainly miss, and while you can’t enjoy it like before at all your favorite spots, you can catch all the fun in this virtual event. Available every week from November 6th to December 25th, 2020, you can log in and mingle at Veza Sur Brewing Co. virtual happy hour.

Little Havana Live
For the love of arts and culture! Little Havana Live is making sure you can stay positive and enjoy your time at home. Little Havana broadcasts history, art, culture, music, and food live daily at 4pm on Instagram. The virtual event is ongoing until December 31st, 2020.

There are even more events in Miami to dive into. Choose all your favorites and have virtual fun all the way.

And, as always, give your favorite Miami electrician a call if you need work done!