When It’s Time to Upgrade—West Palm Beach Electrician Explains

Older homes have a charming appeal that cannot be denied. There is something about living in a home that has seen generations come and go. As much as we love history and the beautiful craftsmanship of some of these older homes, we are living in the 21st century and there are certain luxuries we want to incorporate into our historical homes. Technology is a wonderful thing that can make our lives much easier, but technology requires power and some of those older homes simply don’t have the capability to keep up with our electrical demands. An electrician in West Palm Beach can help you join the best of both worlds with an upgrade to your electric panel. The team at Elcon Electric knows just what you need to bring your historical home into this day and age.

Here are some signs you may need to upgrade your old panel.

1. You find you need extension cords or have to unplug appliances so you can use another one. A shortage of outlets can be a simple fix for a West Palm Beach electrician if the panel has the room for additional breakers. If not, you will need an upgrade.
2. The panel is unsafe because it utilizes an outdated form of wiring. If your panel is one that is know to be a fire hazard, it needs to be replaced immediately.
3. If your panel makes any kind of noise at all, it is a problem that needs to be checked out right away by an electrician. West Palm Beach homeowners could be dealing with a ticking time bomb.
4. If you have a home office or simply feel you don’t have enough available power for your household, upgrading your panel makes sense.

You will find it is always nice to have too much available power than too little. You can run the dishwasher and the microwave at the same time without worrying about a breaker tripping due to the demand. Give Elcon Electric a call today and schedule your panel inspection to see what would work best for you.