Electrician West Palm Beach – What Are the Different Types of Electrical Wiring?

Our buildings rely on complex systems of electrical wiring in order to receive, distribute and use electricity. Different types of wiring are utilized, depending on these three variables: amount of electricity to be carried, purpose of the wiring, and location. In most cases, an office building will require more electricity than a home. Each electrical system is sized appropriately so that it can most efficiently use the electricity that it is carrying in a safe and effective way.

Wires themselves are also referred to as electrical conductors. They are typically constructed of materials that conduct electricity well, such as copper. That wire is then insulated in order to prevent it from emitting excessive heat and to protect it from damage. There are a variety of different types of insulation, each ideal to a different type of wiring installation.

In order to help your electrician in West Palm Beach determine which types of wires are used in a particular electrical system, an international standard has been developed. These wires are color coded to help improve safety, installation and repair.

Stranded wires are the most common types of wires used in our homes. This type of wiring is made up of several small-gauge solid wires that are wrapped around a main wire. Stranded wires allow wires to care an increased amount of electrical power, due to the way that they are constructed. Not only can this type of wiring carry sufficient electricity for a home, it is also very flexible, making it ideal for installation behind the walls of homes.

In addition to the commonly used stranded wiring, many different wiring technologies have emerged, including fiber-optic. Fiber-optic wiring uses light pulses to carry electric signals. That being said, standard copper wiring is the most common type of wiring used, and what our technicians at Elcon Electric use to install and repair your home’s electrical system. To learn more about installing and maintaining your home’s electrical system, visit our website at www.electrician-westpalmbeach.com.