Tripping Breakers Explained by West Palm Beach Electrician

You have probably had it happen a time or two, we all have. You turn on the food processor and the lights go out. The breaker has tripped. It is an easy fix, right? You find the electric panel and the culprit breaker flip it back on and things seem fine. But what if it the second you turn the appliance on the breaker trips again?

Your electrician in West Palm Beach is here to help you understand what the problem may be and how to get it taken care of. Elcon Electric has electricians who can further troubleshoot any electrical problems.

In this particular situation, the breaker trips when an appliance that is not regularly used is turned on. This indicates the breaker may be overloaded. There is too much running at one time. For example; if you have the microwave running along with the coffeemaker and toaster and then switch on the food processor, it may be too much for the breaker. Your immediate solution is to not use everything all at once.

Large appliances like an air conditioning unit should always be put on their own dedicated circuit. If they are not, you can quickly overload the breaker. If you are not sure if this is the problem, give your West Palm Beach electrician a call. If necessary, the electrician can go about dedicating a breaker to the AC or hot tub.

It may also be the fault of whatever electrical device you were trying to run. When the breaker tripped, try and think of what was being used and go through a process of elimination to determine what the root cause of the tripping breaker was. A breaker that trips often should be investigated by an electrician. Give Elcon Electric a call today and setup your appointment.