Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors Save Lives by Electrician in Miami

You do everything you can to protect your family and that includes making sure your home is safe. One way you can enhance the safety of your home is by ensuring your home is adequately protected against fire or a carbon monoxide leak. One way you can prevent fires in your home is by having an electrical safety inspection completed by an electrician. Miami residents can call Elcon Electric to take care of this fairly simple task that can identify and fix problems before they become a serious issue or fire hazard.

Another way you can add a layer of protection to your family home is by adding smoke detectors that are hard-wired into your home’s main electrical system. The detectors are equipped with a battery back up to keep you protected when the power is out as well.

There is a real benefit to this particular type of smoke detectors. You don’t have to worry about the batteries going dead or being borrowed and leaving your home unprotected. This type is also ideal because they are interconnected. If the smoke detector in the garage is activated, the rest of the detectors in the home will also be activated. This adds precious seconds to your family’s escape plan as well as gives you the chance to call emergency services that much earlier.

Your electrician in Miami can install several smoke detectors for you. It is recommended you have at least one on every floor of the home. Along with smoke detectors, your electrician can also install carbon monoxide detectors. These are especially important if your home uses any kind fossil fuels. If your home has a garage, it is also a good idea to have one installed there.

These devices can save lives. If you are interested in learning more or would like to schedule an appointment to have your detectors installed, give Elcon Electric a call today.