Tips for Parking Lot Lighting Design

The parking lot is the most neglected area of a business place. Architects only remember it in passing and hardly put much effort and creativity into it. The problem with this is, the parking lot is the first and last point of contact for a customer using your service or visiting your business. It is part of their experience and contributes to their impression of your business. The layout of the parking lot matters but a more important factor is the lighting.

Parking lot lighting is the term used to describe outdoor lighting in areas like the parking lot, driveways, and pathways. The lights are usually mounted on poles and provide illumination for pedestrian and vehicle use. Hence, when customers visit your business they can feel comfortable, safe, and enjoy the flexibility or convenience of coming at any time of the day.

To have an effective parking lot lighting design, there are factors to be considered. You would also require the services of a professional electrician. Here are a few tips to guide you for an efficient parking lot lighting design.

  1. Get adequate illumination and avoid light pollution
    When it comes to outdoor lights, it is important to consider how they affect other areas outside the lot. Some parking lot lighting design causes the lights to spread into roads and this can be dangerous to road users. A good solution is to use LED lights and proper design. An experienced electrical technician would be of great help to install the lights strategically. This way there is uniform illumination, no dark spots, and no light pollution.
  2. Save costs but gain efficiency
    Installing outdoor lights for the parking lot typically means higher energy bills. You also have to consider maintenance costs. A professional electrician knows the right amount of fixtures, LED bulbs, and other systems which can save both energy and maintenance costs.
  3. Use advanced systems
    In recent times, some parking lot lights are outfitted with a technology that helps to control the function of the light. The technology includes the use of motion sensors to determine the traffic in the lot and provide adequate lighting based on this information. These advanced systems help to limit the electricity demand in the lot and your business can save more money.
  4. Think safety
    Safety is important when installing parking lot lights. A licensed and experienced electrician knows this and can give proper advice on what to do. Some lights are unsafe for the outdoor environment because they can cause accidents. Use uniform, consistent, and bright lights but ensure they are safe for everyone around.
  5. Know the industry standards
    A local lighting professional such as an electrical contractor can keep you informed on the industry standards for a parking lot lighting design. There are rules, codes, and standards from the government and your region. The electrician will ensure you meet up to them.

These tips are guaranteed to improve your customers’ experience and guide you in providing proper parking lot lighting. You can contact us at Elcon Electric for installation.