Surge Protection in Time for Spring Storms Says Ft Lauderdale Electrician

blog_surgePower surge protection is something you never realize you need until you have a major appliance break down after owning it for a short period of time. Typically, when you buy a refrigerator, washing machine or even a computer, you expect it to last you several years. In many cases they do, even though the warranties typically expire after the first year. However, regular small power surges that happen every single day are breaking down the appliances much faster and costing you a lot of money. An electrician in Ft Lauderdale has a solution that can help you preserve the life of your appliances. The team at Elcon Electric recommends you invest in whole home surge protection.

Every day, the electrical current coming into your home fluctuates. These minor fluctuations have the capability to cause damage to the circuit board in your appliances as well as the various electrical components. During storm season, when lightning strikes cause major power surges, appliances can be fried in a matter of seconds. The compressor in your refrigerator will break down quickly if it is constantly being subjected to these spikes of electricity. The small power strips you plug your computers into may offer you some protection, but they will likely not be enough to protect your electrical equipment against a surge caused by a lighting strike.

Wit the installation of a surge protector, you can prevent this damage from happening. The surge protection absorbs the extra electricity that is sent through the grid during normal day-to-day functions and most especially during lightning storms. The protector will need to be installed by a Ft Lauderdale electrician. It will go near your electric panel and can also protect your phone and cable lines. Because of the intricate wiring needs, it is absolutely important you hire a professional to do the job. Give Elcon Electric a call today and get ready for the upcoming storm season.