Electrician in West Palm Beach and Standby Generators

Although some areas may be more prone to intermittent and long-term power outages, many homeowners are discovering the comfort and practicality that comes with the installation of a standby generator. In addition to the obvious causes of electrical power outages, such as severe weather such as tropical storms and hurricanes, many areas have been experiencing power outages as a result of greater demand on the power grid. Because of these issues, it makes more sense than ever before to give yourself the safety and peace of mind that comes with having an electrician West Palm Beach install a standby power generator on your property.

Size, Cost and Other Factors

It is difficult to pinpoint a general or average cost of standby electrical generators, due to the wide variety of shapes, sizes and solutions that are better. As a rule, each home or business has its own unique power needs, and should choose a solution that fits those needs the best. The most advanced systems are designed to provide seamless power to your entire home as soon as a power outage occurs. That being said, it is most common to install a generator that is only designed to power your most essential lights and appliances. Talk with your contractor to discuss your needs and the options that are available to you.

What Should I Power?

At Elcon Electric, we recommend that you supply emergency power to your heating/cooling system, your refrigerator and a few lights. This will help to ensure that you remain safe from extreme heat and cold, that you have adequate food, and that you can see during this difficult time. Naturally, the devices and areas of your home that you provide power to will vary widely among each household. If you have any special medical needs, you should always provide power to these as well. If you are interested, please take a look at our additional resources and information at ElconElectric.com.

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