Fort Lauderdale Electrician – Basic Ceiling Fan Installation

If you are looking for a relatively simple, cost-effective and efficient method of improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your home, ceiling fans are the way to go. Because of their ability to both create a breeze when it’s hot and circulate warm air when it’s cold, ceiling fans can lower the demand that you put on your heating and cooling units throughout the year. The result is a home that is kept comfortable year round at a fraction of the cost.

Ceiling Fan Basics

Although ceiling fans are fairly simple to install, it is still recommended that you have them installed by a qualified electrician Fort Lauderdale. There are a variety of reasons for this. The main reason is safety. Whenever you are working with electricity, there are a variety of different safety precautions that should be taken to ensure that you are safe not only during the installation, but that everything is installed safely and according to local building codes. Working with a professional will ensure that these conditions are met. Another reason to have your fan installed by an electrician in Ft. Lauderdale is fan placement.

Fan Placement

In order for a fan to work at its maximum efficiency, it must be properly placed and positioned. For the best results, ensure that it is placed in the center of the room, at least two feet from walls or sloped ceilings. If you have high sloped ceilings, there are often many drop rods and other mounting options available to help bring your fan to the proper height. To maximize safety, it is recommended that all ceiling fans be mounted at least seven feet from the floor.

By working with one of our technicians here at Elcon Electric, you will know that your fan is properly placed, installed and as safe as possible. For any questions, or for more information on this and other electrical topics, feel free to see our other resources at