Space Heater Safety by Electrician in Miami

Fortunately Floridians don’t have to worry overly much about the winter temperatures being unbearable. The mild climate is awesome, but there are times it does get a little chilly and you will want to drag out the space heater from the attic to take the chill off. But before you do that, you need to brush up on your space heater safety knowledge. An electrician in Miami has some tips for you to reduce the risk of fire hazard. Space heaters are often blamed for starting fires because they are not used correctly. Elcon Electric can answer any other questions you may have.

Proper ventilation is crucial to the safety of any electrical appearance. Every appliance produces heat, although space heaters are intended to do just that, it generally is designed to come out the front. However, there is some heat generated under and behind the heater and this is why it needs to be properly ventilated. This can be addressed by a Miami electrician.

Space heaters should be placed in the center of the room whenever possible. This allows for plenty of air circulation around the unit. Putting the heater too close to furniture or drapes is a fire hazard. Make sure there is no paper near the heater or any other flammable items.

Before you plug in the heater, check the cord from one end to the next to make sure it is in good condition. Check for any signs the insulation around the cord is weakened or deteriorating. There should be no exposed wires. If so, do not use the heater. It isn’t worth the risk. If it all checks out okay, go ahead and plug it in. However, it should be plugged directly into an outlet and not an extension cord. If you have any other questions or concerns, give Elcon Electric a call today.

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