Safely Rewiring a Pompano Beach House

surge protector with too many items plugged into it If you already live or recently moved to Pompano, then you may already know how great Pompano Beach is.

One of the best things about Pompano Beach is how affordable it is to live in. Plus houses aren’t that steep. You will find a Pompano Beach house for less than $170,000 and you will also find luxury options.

If you just bought a Pompano Beach house, or even if you have had one for years, then you may need to consider a house rewire. This is important because statistics state that about 39% of home electrical fires involve house wiring, receptacles, and outlets, or another electrical wiring. Taking steps to prevent your home from ending up a statistic may be a sizeable expense, but a necessary one.

How to Know Your Home Needs Rewiring

  • Switchplates, plugs, or cords are discolored
  • Blown fuses or tripped breakers happen frequently
  • Light bulbs get burned out in the socket
  • Over-amped electrical panel
  • A burning smell or sparks
  • Loose outlets
  • If the house is over 25 years old
  • If the house wiring is aluminum
  • If you’ve purchased new appliances, that may strain the existing electrical system

Steps to Take Before Rewiring

  1. Take Inventory of Electronics

To safely rewire, you’ll need to first take inventory of electrical devices you own in your home and where they are placed. This will help both you and the electrician make sure that all the power and electrical needs get installed in all the rooms.

  1. Check the Security, Fire or Data Cables

In rewiring, you will have to worry about other things apart from power, like the data, security, and fire cables. This ensures that your home can run on any system with the appropriate power and wiring needs.

  1. Get a Permit

The project requires an electrical building permit before the work begins. So, work on getting them. If you go on with the house rewiring without getting a permit, you may end up having to get rid of all the work in the end.

  1. Check for Structural Damages

It’s important to check if there are leaks, breaks, or plumbing problems, because all of these could ruin or slow down the home rewiring process.

Can You Rewire Your House Yourself?

Rewiring your house is not a DIY project and you can endanger yourself and your family if you attempt to do it yourself. We advise you to hire an electrician to do this. You will find a Pompano Beach electrician at Pompano Beach or on the web.

How Long Does a House Rewiring Take?

This depends entirely on the size of your Pompano Beach house and the scope of work. It should take between 2 -10 days. But can be more or less depending on your home.

Hiring an Electrician

When hiring an electrician, you can search using the words “electrician near me” and you will find a Pompano Beach electrician. Ensure that you let your electrician see the notes you have made about inventory, what your needs are, and the required permits. Make sure that you only hire a licensed and experienced company.