Rewiring a Boca Raton House Room by Room

lots of switches on walls with wires running everywhere

lots of switches on walls with wires running everywhere It’s common for homeowners to ask if they can rewire a house room by room. You might wonder about this if you’ve just moved into a new home, don’t want to move during a rewiring project, and many other reasons.

While it’s possible to rewire your Boca Raton house room by room, it takes a different approach than a regular whole house rewiring.

What to note about rewiring a house room by room

First, this sort of rewiring costs more. The costs are higher because the project will have to be spread across several visits. It also takes more time for the electrician to complete a house rewire done room by room.

While you might be trying to minimize disruption, this method might be more disruptive.

Steps in rewiring a house room by room

  • Turn off the power to the room you will start rewiring first. Test to make sure the power is turned off.
  • Start unscrewing cover plates from the outlets in the room. Disconnect any wires present.
  • After disconnecting the wires pull them out of the walls or outlets.
  • It’s possible to encounter obstacles like studs. When this happens you can cut the loose parts of the wire to remove them and leave the shorter parts buried in the wall.
  • Using the plan or diagram of your new circuitry, cut holes in the walls for the new installations.
  • Use the right-sized wires for corresponding circuits. For example, a 12-gauge wire for a 120 volts circuit.
  • Pull the wires through the electrical boxes. Connect the wires to the new devices and restore the cover plate.
  • Turn on the breakers to the room and test your installations.
  • Ensure the rewire is complete before you decorate the room.

Finding the right Boca Raton electrician

Regardless of if you are rewiring your Boca Raton home the regular way or not, find the right electrician for the job. It’s important to go for a contractor with proper certifications such as license and insurance. Explain your needs and make sure it’s understood before signing off on a contract.

Get a good idea of the cost from the electrician but don’t forget to prepare for additional unexpected costs.

Ask for exactly how the project will go and how long it would take to rewire room by room. If possible let the electrician inspect the home first before discussing costs.