Power Outage Advice from an Electrician in Fort Lauderdale

When you are facing spring and summer storms, an annoyance that often occurs is a temporary power outage. In many cases, these power outages are very short because the power company wants to get you back to everyday life quickly. However, on occasion you may find that you have a longer outage. While you are waiting for the power company, or your electrician Fort Lauderdale, to come to the house and get things going again, follow these simple tips.

  • Use a flashlight, when possible. Candles do provide lighting, but they can be dangerous, especially when used for a long period of time.
  • Try not to open your refrigerator or freezer. The items inside will remain cooler longer if you do not open it often. When the power comes back on, check everything thoroughly and throw away anything that is not still at a good temperature.
  • Only use grills, generators and other items outdoors or in specifically designed, ventilated areas. This will prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • In hot weather, drink plenty of water and dress in cool clothing to avoid overheating.
  • In cold weather, wear layers and consider sitting or lying close to others to generate body heat.
  • Turn off light switches and electrical items to avoid having a power surge when the power does come back on later.

A power outage can be an annoyance; however, if you follow these tips you can make it a little easier on yourself. When the power comes back on, if you find there are any problems with the electrical system in your home call Elcon Electric—we are the number one electrician in Fort Lauderdale and can help you with any type of electrical job you may have in mind. Our experts are well-trained and know what it takes to service homes and businesses in and around the Ft Lauderdale area.