Is Your Parking Lot Lighting Up to Today’s Standards?

update parking lot lighting Parking lots are essential when you have a local office your customers come to receive service or even in residential areas. You would expect that parking lots are regarded as a big deal but unfortunately they are not. Most business and property owners don’t put in much thought to their parking lots. It just sits there dark, boring, and most of all dangerous.

Paying better attention to your parking lot lighting offers quite a wide range of benefits no one would want to pass up. These include:

  • Safety for your customers because crimes often happen in dark places. If our customers feel safe pulling up to your location at night, you can be sure that will increase foot traffic.
  • A good reputation. It’s the little things like this that enhance your business’ image and reputation. An owner that cares enough for parking lots ultimately cares for customers and that’s sometimes all you need to get sales skyrocketing.
  • Illuminates your business and offerings. There’s no doubt lights can make anything look pretty especially a business place. With bright clear parking lot lights, your business stands out even more, literally drawing your prospects in.

So, there we have established how important parking lot lighting is. However, what if you already have that but not at the right standards? When it comes to the electrical world, there’re standards to everything. Here are some of those standards for illumination of parking lots.

For businesses and mercantile in Miami

  • Open parking lots and access should be provided with a maintained minimum of 1.0 foot-candle on the parking surface from dusk until dawn.
  • The lighting level may be reduced by fifty (50) percent on non-business days and commencing thirty (30) minutes after the termination of business on each operating day. The uniformity ratio should not exceed a twelve to one ratio (12:1) maximum to minimum foot-candles.
  • The area immediately outside of exterior doors should have security illumination and these should be activated during the dark period of every day.

Do the laws change across States?

Yes, but ever so slightly. Looking closely at some standards listed above, you will find that they simply focus on keeping the parking lots well illuminated, safe, and functional.

How to keep your parking lot lighting up to today’s standards?

These standards change over time as everything else progresses but it’s not up to you to keep up with them. A professional electrician is well informed and updated on the recent standards for parking lot lighting. The electrician will help you inspect, upgrade, and install parking lot lighting as needed. Be sure to hire a licensed technician with proof of expertise.