Lighting Issues: Flickering

lights flickering When your normal everyday lights start to flicker like Christmas lights, you might get nervous and a little frustrated too. Sometimes the reason a light flickers is easy enough to determine and fix, but there are sometimes you might need to call in a professional. Here are some examples of cases where you can easily fix the issue of lights flickering yourself.

  • A bulb has issues: there are cases where a bulb is not screwed in tightly enough and this might cause partial contact. This causes flickering as there is only a partial connection with the energy source. You can easily just screw the bulb back in to fix this kind of situation.
  • Wrong kind of switch: Sometimes we buy dimmer switches for non-dimming bulbs and vice versa. This can affect the workings of the bulb and cause it to flicker. Check the switch and bulb for compatibility and replace it if this is the problem.
  • Faulty switch: Compatibility is not the only issue when it comes to switches. Sometimes your flickering lights is caused by a spoilt switch. Try flicking it to see if it helps. You might need to consider replacing such a switch.

The other causes of flickering lights are more serious and may need you to call in a professional like our technicians at Elcon Electric to fix the problem.

  • Slacked Plug:Sometimes the flickering is on only one lamp. In cases like this, it could be that the plug is not well connected. Plugging the lamp’s plug firmly into the outlet will fix this issue. If not, then you might need to check the outlet or the metal prongs of the plug.
  • Circuit Overloading:If the lights only flicker when something like an Air conditioner or water heater, comes on, then you might be overloading your circuits. This simply means your devices are using more current than your circuit can handle. The flickering only becomes a cause for worry if the flickering persists even when the larger appliance has been on for a while. It might mean the appliance is faulty and needs replacement.
  • Voltage Fluctuations: A home should be rated between 115 and 125 volts. If you, using a voltmeter, notice voltage fluctuations above 125 volts you should contact an expert to help you fix this issue.
  • Loose Wiring: Loose Wiring will cause your lights to flicker. They will not only do this, but they can cause fires. If you notice you have loose wires, call in an expert immediately and have them check it out. Inspecting wiring can be a dangerous job so do not attempt to do this yourself.
  • Excess power usage by your neighbors:if your neighbors use more power than normal, it might cause your lights to flicker too. This is most likely caused by both homes being connected to the same transformer. An expert is your best bet for information on how to fix this problem.